Writing for Screen Ethics.

One of the aims of this blog is also to begin conversations about arts and entertainment. You, the reader, are welcome to contribute your thoughts about things that you find interesting in both, either or adjacent of these fields of screens and ethics. Observations could range from movies, TV shows, books and internet programs, to broader trends, themes and patterns in arts and entertainment as long as they raise questions about ethics.

The blog welcomes posts of any length, but generally a review runs about 500-700 words, while a comparative or analytical post could go longer (700-1000). Topics of interest are not restricted by historical or geographical lines, as long as the pieces are in English. Creative pieces or projects would be curated in a case-by-case basis. Send in your entries in Microsoft Word format (.docx or .doc), typed in 12-point, Times New Roman/Garamond, double-spaced pages. If your article uses sources, please cite them in the MLA style. This blog accepts images that are in public domain or user-generated. If your images are sourced from elsewhere, please cite them. It is the writer’s responsibility to get required permissions for any additional materials. If you want to write about something and are not sure how to go about it, drop an email with a short abstract of your proposed post, and we can discuss how to develop it.

So if you have a piece that you want to share through this blog and start a discussion, please submit your pieces to Mani Saravanan.

Mani, 11 April 2016.