Screen Ethics.

The title is not a limiting of the scope of the blog, but a gesture towards an intersection that I find fascinating. From the palm of our hands, to our living and working environments, screens mediate our experience of the world. You, the reader, at this very moment, are reading these words through a screen. Wherever you are, these words become a voice in your head for a moment. Yes, screens can bring us together. They present encounters that are beyond our immediate experience, and they also prevent us from fully entering them. Screens are not windows, but neither are they walls. When we live in a world where every wall is a screen, and every window a frame – how do we seek and value the good of this experience? What is good on a screen? What good is a screen?

This is a small blog. A blog about small things that invite curiosity and reflection. This is a blog of words. I would like it to have illustrations, images, sounds, discussions and actions among other things, but it begins as a blog of words.

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Mani Saravanan, Editor
10 April 2016